HRKit for Businesses Owners™

Are you looking for a HRKit that you can access online or add to your current book library that includes employment law updates, comprehensive HR Form, templates, and checklist? if so, then the HR Kit is for you!

Whether or not an organization has a Human Resources department, chances are it could benefit from some informed, practical and cutting edge HR know-how. The HRKit for Business Owners™ paves the way for any company large or small to reduce employee turnover, improve the quality of its people, and successfully manage their performance. This user-friendly guide takes readers step-by-step through the best practices of recruiting, interviewing, screening, selecting, and managing employee performance. The HRKit for Business Owners™ features many templates, forms, assessments, and other key documents.  Filled with multiple tools and practical guidance, this is a handy and essential toolkit that will improve the HR-related processes in any organization.

HRKit for Business Owners Reference Manual™ Includes:

  • Module #1: Employment Laws
  • Module #2: IRS Forms & Record Keeping Requirements
  • Module #3: Employee Performance Documentation
  • Module #4: Company Policies & Procedures
  • Module #5: Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
  • Module #6: Recruitment & Selection
  • Module #7: Pay & Compensation
  • Module #8: Medical Benefits & Health Reform
  • Module #9: Military & Veteran Benefits
  • Module #10: First Time Manager Training
  • Module #11: Employee Termination       

In this kit you will learn:

  • How to set up and implement successful HR practices
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR function
  • Navigate today's heavily regulated HR environment
  • Ways to create an employee-friendly work environment
  • Review policies, forms, and contracts
  • Align HR practices with your company objectives
  • Proven ways to measure employee performance
  • Ways to deal with layoffs, dismissals, and sexual harassment
  • Key secrets and strategies to be an employer of choice
  • Legal and policy considerations that can help you stay out of court!

Our HRKit for Businesses Owners includes:

  • Guidance in establishing the basics required for human resources administration for employers.
  • The required documentation needed for hiring and terminating employees, with sample documents for your customization.
  • Template letters, forms, and documents you can begin using today!
  • Up to three hours of HR consulting time for you to use as needed.

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