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Are you experiencing difficulty finding a job in today’s economy? Have you been sending your résumé to many employers but have received no or few interviews? It may be your current résumé. Well it is time to worry no more and let our licensed and certified human resource professionals and career transition coaches create a new professional résumé for you!

6 Easy Steps to Get a New Résumé

  1. Send us your current résumé

    Send a copy of your current résumé to kbenjamin@HRStrategiesPlus.com. Do not update your résumé before sending it to us, this is our job!

  2. Receive your résumé evaluation results within 24 Hours

    Receive your personalized résumé evaluation the next day.

  3. Place your order

    Receive your résumé evaluation results within 24 Hours

  4. Provide information via our user-friendly Pre-Consultation Form

    Immediately complete our user-friendly consultation form to provide critical information about your work history, career interest and skills assessment.

  5. Receive personal attention from an expert writer

    Participate in a résumé consultation with a licensed and certified human resource professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. Your Professional Résumé Writer will strategically develop your documents targeting your current goals.

  6. Have a new résumé within 7 business days

    You will receive cutting-edge, keyword-rich personal marketing documents that get results.


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Why Get Your Résumé Created By a Professional?

Busy hiring professionals must quickly screen out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of résumés. The few that survive the initial 15-second screening process will then be subjected to a more careful scrutiny before valuable time is invested in an interview.

Dramatically Increase Your résumé Response Rate

A professionally written résumé can dramatically increase your response rate — and substantially shorten your job-search time. Landing a job is 70% presentation and 30% actual skills and abilities. In fact, the candidate who gets the job is not always the most qualified; rather, the candidate with the best presentation will get hired. We know what employers want, and in the hands of our expert writers, your résumé becomes a powerful marketing tool that skillfully conveys the nuances and details necessary to reaching your goals.

Under-marketing Can Be Costly

If you consider that under-marketing could cost you that next great job in the short run and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career — no other document may be more essential to your future.

Industry-leading Experts Advocating For You

To ensure your résumé gets the attention you deserve, we will:

  1. Determine what information should be emphasized — what should be included or eliminated — based upon your unique circumstances, background, and goals.
  2. Identify keywords and phrasing strategies critical to your résumé being selected by both hiring professionals and computer screening systems.
  3. Minimize or even eliminate information that results in résumés being screened out. We know a seemingly small oversight is all it takes to miss an opportunity.
  4. Write a high-impact, job-winning résumé.

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