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HR Strategies Plus LLC is a global consulting company that provides as needed human resource services for leaders that require support for their business. We have become an industry leader by connecting with the most elite candidates and employers. We were developed especially for you. Yes you, the person that is reading this!

Our clients are as passionate about human resources as we are. So, if you love HR or need additional human resources training and support then we are the right company for you!

Newer companies and organizations contact HR Strategies Plus LLC to assume total responsibility for their companies HR function. While larger corporations allow HR Strategies Plus LLC to work as a strategic partner with their existing human resource department. This in turns helps to reduce your human resource department staff workload and stress, freeing up your time to work on other pressing projects to help make your business successful.

Our team members are industry leaders by having over 25 years of experience in the human resources field. Now it's time to let our industry experience work for you!

Our Signature Services:

  1. Résumé / Cover Letter Evaluation and Development
  2. Career & Business Coaching Programs
  3. Seminar, Webinar and Online Training Support
  4. Webinar Hosting, Recording, Editing, and Uploading Services
  5. HR Workshops and Courses for Schools and Universities
  6. Services for Aspiring HR Professionals
  7. Hourly and Monthly Ala Carte Business Support Services
  8. Non-profit Organization Support Services
  9. Staffing and HR Outsourcing Services
  10. HR Support Services for Schools, Private Practices, and Churches
  11. HR Business Compliance Audits and Assessments
  12. Employee Recruitment and Retention Support
  13. Corporate Lunch and Learn Workshops
  14. Corporate Conferences and Speaking Engagements

Our Signature Programs:

  1. The HR Outsourcing Institute™(Outsourcing services for businesses and non-profit organizations)
  2. The HR Coaching Institute™ (Personalized coaching programs for job seekers, New CEO’s, Executive Directors, Business Owners and HR Professionals)
  3. The HR Training Institute™(Seminars, webinars and online training support services for established businesses, job seekers, career transitioners and entrepreneurs)
  4. The HR Education Institute™(15 week HR courses for colleges, schools and universities)
  5. The HR Business Institute™(Supporting services to companies existing human resource department)
  6. The HR Non-profit Institute™(Programs and services for non-profit organizations)
  7. Aspiring HR Professional Institute™(Programs and services for aspiring human resource professionals)
  8. The HR Business Audit and Compliance Institute™(Auditing and compliance programs and support services for businesses)
  9. The Healthcare Institute™(Programs and Services for companies in the healthcare industry)
  10. The Principal Institute™(Programs and Services for Schools and Educational Institutions)

Our Clients and Interns Says is best. Please watch our videos to hear it for yourself.

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Did you know that employees win lawsuits two-thirds of the time with the average employment verdict exceeding $250,000 and the cost of defense exceeding $100,000? In a recent survey, 57% of companies said they had dealt with an employee-related lawsuit

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