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HR Strategies Plus LLC human resource outsourcing allows you the benefit of an HR professional without the overhead costs of a full-time employee. Our outsourced HR services are ideal and affordable for you.  We coach and train your management team on how to handle the day-to-day HR activities. Let our HR experts take care of the daily HR tasks, programs and initiatives that will allow you to compete with larger employers while focusing on growing your business.

We can provide the following services for your company:

Basic human resource support services

  1. Affirmative Action Planning
  2. Ask the HR Expert” Live” Chats
  3. Attitude and Personality Assessments
  4. Background Checks
  5. Benefit Plan Research
  6. Career Transition (Outplacement)
  7. Compensation Plan Design
  8. Compliance Review
  9. Commercial Insurance
  10. Comprehensive HR Services
  11. Corporate Downsizing Strategic Planning
  12. Diversity & Worklife Integration Training
  13. Employee Relations
  14. Employment Law Workshops
  15. FLSA Exemption Review
  16. Focus Group Administration
  17. HR Assessments, Checklist and Forms
  18. HR Consulting Services
  19. HR Kit for Small Business Owners
  20. HR Policy Handbook
  21. Human Resource Information System
  22. Leadership Training
  23. Monthly Business Tips
  24. New Hire Orientation & Onboarding
  25. Onsite & Online Training Support
  26. Outsourced Services
  27. Payroll Processing
  28. Performance Management
  29. Personnel File Administration
  30. Policies and Procedures
  31. Recruitment and Retention
  32. Retirement Support/Coaching
  33. Staffing Solution Services
  34. Safety and OSHA Illness & Injury Prevention
  35. Sexual Harassment
  36. Skills Assessments
  37. Succession Planning
  38. Veteran Recruitment Training Support
  39. Unemployment Claims Management
  40. Wrongful Termination Assessment
  41. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  42. Workforce Reduction

Auditing and compliance program support services

  1. Legal Compliance Audit
  2. Wage and Hour Compliance (FSLA)
  3. Unionizing and Labor Relations Audit
  4. Employee Retention Audits
  5. Employee File Compliance Audit
  6. HR Business Function Audit
  7. Corporate Compliance Audit
  8. Safety Audit (OSHA)
  9. Company Policy and Procedure Audit
  10. Diversity Audit
  11. Ergonomics Audit
  12. Compensation audit
  13. Affirmative Action Plan Audit
  14. Succession Plan Audit
  15. Corporate downsizing Process Audit
  16. FMLA Audit
  17. HIPPA Audit
  18. Employee Retention Plan Audit
  19. Recruitment Process Audit
  20. HR Audit and Recruitment Analysis
  21. Legal Compliance Audit
  22. Employment Regulatory Compliance
  23. FLSA Job Classification Audit and Assessment
  24. Employee File Compliance Audit
  25. HR Brand and Business Assessment

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Did you know that employees win lawsuits two-thirds of the time with the average employment verdict exceeding $250,000 and the cost of defense exceeding $100,000? In a recent survey, 57% of companies said they had dealt with an employee-related lawsuit

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